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Control line/Radio controlled aerobatic model PML-3005 CL/RC E/D "ACROBAT"

Presented aerobatic model is a transitional model between simple (small mass under the engine from 4.0 cm3) and complex (double weight, collapsible design, engine up to 10 cm3).

Offered by us aerobatic model PML-3005 "ACROBAT" is not so difficult, although it requires a certain amount of experience in the construction and piloting. Its production will not take you much time.

The model is designed under a series engines OS MAX 46 or ASP 46 with a volume of 7,5 см3 or electric motor of 900 Wt - Turnigy 3548

The kit is a wonderful gift for both advanced and experienced modelers.

The model is available in Control Line (CL) and Radio Controlled (RC) version. Under the diesel/glow engine (D), and under the motor (E).

The price for separate assembly Control line aerobatic model PML-3005 "ACROBAT" down of this page.

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Control line/Radio controlled aerobatic model PML-3005 ACROBAT
Aerobatic model PML-3005 "ACROBAT"

The length of the model (most)...............1,150 м
Wingspan ......................................1,350 м
The height of the model (most).............0,210 м
Dist. from the axis of the screw to the ground........0.175 м
Parking angle........................................7.5 deg
Weight (without engine and fuel) .......... 0,8 kg
Engine (not included)...... from 7,0 см3 or el motor 900 Wt

The kit in the maximum configuration, fully equipped with all the details including a chassis with wheels, fuel system components (fuel tank), a plastic canopy pilot and the engine hood, the balsa plates for covering the model and thermofilm. So the same kit of enabled elements of the management system, control lines (ready with locks) and preparation for the management handle.

We tried to make assembly of the model is rather simple.

In the preparation of parts used laser cutting of the material, which greatly facilitates and accelerates the construction of the model.

General view of the kit (picture of gift boxes synthesized). Carton (box) size 1000х200х100 мм

Авиамодель для пилотажа PML-3005
Авиамодель для пилотажа PML-3005
Gift box (initially, the kit comes in a plain white box) for 499 RU rbl.

General view of the kit (type of kit may vary depending on configuration)

Кордовая пилотажная модель PML-3005 Акробат
> > >
Kit name Price Knob
1 Full (max) PML-3005 CL/D engine
7 490 RU rbl.
2 Basic version PML-3005 CL/D engine
4 490 RU rbl.
3 Full (max) PML-3005 CL/E engine
7 690 RU rbl.
4 Basic version PML-3005 CL/E engine
4 690 RU rbl.
5 Full (max) PML-3005 RC/D engine
7 890 RU rbl.
6 Basic version PML-3005 RC/D engine
4 890 RU rbl.
7 Full (max) PML-3005 RC/E engine
8 090 RU rbl.
8 Basic version PML-3005 RC/E engine
5 090 RU rbl.
8 Full (elit) in all 4 version. PML-3005 CL/RC D/E
9 590 RU rbl.

Desig of model

Вид сбоку спереди
Вид Спереди снизу

Old ver. assembly manual (in Russian) can be downloaded HERE

New ver. assembly manual (in Russian) can be downloaded HERE (update at 04.12.2016)

Some survey drawings of the prototype flight model

The figure shows the prototype model with OS MAX 46FX engine 7 cm3 and propeller 11х6

Вид слева спереди
Вид сбоку

Вид справа спереди
Вид снизу спереди


In addition to the kit, you can purchase stocks to facilitate the Assembly and plating of the fuselage of model airplane. Kit includes 4 building berth-holders which are attached to the model and smooth the surface by means of screws and bolts.

Read more about stocks to watch here

A kit of stocks for PML-3005 for 290 RU rbl.

Вид слева спереди
Вид сбоку

Kits for separate model assembly:

The price for separate assembly сontrol line aerobatic model PML-3005 "ACROBAT" CL/D

"Clicking" on the name part of a kit in a new window will open with a picture of what you are buying

Kit name Price Kit contents
1 To build 1 wing (need 2)
1400 RU rbl.

Parts to assembly 1 wing
+ drawing + manual + casing made out of balsa.

2For assembly stabilizer
1000 RU rbl.

Components for Assembly of 2 stabilizers
with Elevator + the covering from balsa + drawing + manual

3For assembly fuselage 1
1900 RU rbl.

The front part of + the control unit Aileron
+ drawing + manual

3For assembly fuselage 2
1900 RU rbl.

The tail part + chassis + drawing
+ manual

600 RU rbl.

Plywood frame + plastic "glass"

ATTENTION !!! Delivery time to the carrier paid kits for separate assembly of the control line pilotage PML-3005 CL/D "ACROBAT" up to 5 working days from the date of payment .