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Addresses of shops (Russia)

Here you can find addresses of shops where you can buy our models.

Moscow and the Moscow region

ООО "ПМ-лаб"

Заказы принимаются по тел:

+7 (909) 696.52.08
+7 (963) 757.74.32

E-mail: info@pm-lab.ru


г. Москва

Магазин "Столица Хобби"

ул. 1905 года, 4

тел: +7 (499) 253.98.37; (499) 255.00.75

График работы: пн-сб с 11.00 до 20.00, в воскресенье и праздничные дни с 12.00 до 19.00



г. Москва

Магазин "Е-флай"

м. Водный стадион, 10 мин. пешком ул. Адмирала Макарова д. 4, стр. 1 (здание Морской школы, 1-й этаж)

График работы: ВТ-ПТ 11:00...20:00, СБ 11:00...18:00, ВС и ПН - выходной

тел: +7 (925) 390.12.63



г. Москва

Магазин "Термик" (в цокольном этаже под магазином «Пятёрочка»)

ул. Туристская, д. 13, к. 2,

тел: +7 (499) 504.80.16



г. Ярославль

Магазин "Мир Радиоуправляемых моделей"

проспект Ленина 53

тел:+7 (4852) 73.75.18





Conditions and warranties

Order processing

To process Your order we require a certain time.

Typically, the processing time is 1 day, but in some cases it can increase due to the fact that the order is received outside working hours, such as overnight or on weekends/holidays.

We are doing everything possible to reduce the processing time and hope for Your understanding.

Delivery in Moscow and Moscow region

Delivery of ordered and paid goods on Moscow and Moscow region the CUSTOMER by courier.

The cost of delivery in Moscow is 300-500 rubles, from 10 MO p/km from the Moscow ring road (500+10*km) and depends on the delivery area.

Delivery to Russia

Delivery of ordered and paid goods to the CUSTOMER is carried out only on the territory of Russia one of the courier services: EMS Russian Post

On CUSTOMER request we ship with any other shipping services, regular mail and cod, including to any point on the Earth (in any country).

The CUSTOMER is solely responsible for the accuracy of their postal details for delivery and other necessary data about yourself.

The order is delivered by courier directly to the address specified by the CUSTOMER.

In some cases the order may be delivered only to the nearest district centre, where there is a representation of EMS Russian Post or other operator (small settlements: towns, villages, etc. that are located in remote locations, as well as settlements with limited access mode of entry).

Shipping cost

Shipping cost is set according to the tariffs of EMS Russian Post or tariffs chosen by the customer and the operator based on the volumetric weight of the order and the postal zone (from the location of the locality where delivery is available).

The preliminary cost of delivery You can check with the employees of our company by phone or email.

The exact price of delivery communicated to the CUSTOMER by e-mail when your order ships.

Payment for shipping service EMS Russian Post can in some cases be included in the order amount.

Payment for delivery other delivery service is not included in the order amount and can be done after sending or immediately upon receipt of the order on the spot.

Delivery time

Sending the order to the buyer is carried out only after receipt of 100% payment for the ordered goods to the account of the COMPANY.

Delivery times depend on the region where the product is sent.

Approximate delivery times from our warehouse in Moscow following:

- Moscow and St. Petersburg- 1-2 working days, excluding day of shipment, weekends and holidays.

- For the North-West part of Russia - 2-5 working days.

- For the South-West and Central Russia - 3-7 working days.

- For other regions of Russia - 5-11 business days.

Updated dates of delivery the COMPANY will inform the CUSTOMER directly when ordering.

The COMPANY has always made every effort to dispatch orders within a specified time, but cannot guarantee delivery precisely at the stated time or to the stated date.

The COMPANY assumes no obligation to provide a refund of any CUSTOMER losses, direct or indirect, which may be the result of non-delivery of the goods within the stated period.

Claims for delivered orders

Prior to delivery all products are checked by the responsible employee of the COMPANY for quality and completeness.

All orders that are sent to You via courier at your request, are insured.

Courier service is solely responsible for the safety of Your order.

Warranty coverage begins as from the moment of transfer of the order by the representative of the courier service.

Check the integrity of the packaging, the integrity and configuration of goods made by the CUSTOMER upon receipt of the order.

If You have any claims on the safety of packaging of your order, please open the package in the presence of a representative of the courier service and in case of damage of nested goods, to refuse acceptance of your order.

Then we urgently need to contact a COMPANY representative by phone:

+7 (909) 696.52.08,
+7 (963) 757.74.32

or email: info@pm-lab.ru

In the case of detecting manufacturing defect or incomplete staff, the goods (products) subject to replacement or warranty repair.

To complete the claim must be made within three working days of receipt of the order by the CUSTOMER.

Transportation costs associated with returning product for replacement or warranty repair to the COMPANY are borne by the CUSTOMER.

Transportation costs associated with the delivery of any repaired or replaced warranty products to the CUSTOMER are borne by the COMPANY.