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Control line aerobatic model PML-2001 "YASTREB" (HAWK)

Once You have developed some automaticity in managing the cord of the model during takeoff and horizontal flight, you can start building more complex models.

We wish to draw Your attention to the set of self-Assembly control line aerobatic model PML-2001 "YASTREB" (HAWK) . This model will help You to learn how to perform all the basics AFCS: forward and backward loops, turn on the hill and fly "on the back".

Unfortunately, Your first training model (and we hope that it was PML-1001 "JUNIOR") - will not be able to make these figures, because it is too heavy reinforced design. Therefore, the proposed pilotage is built entirely on a different principle: the minimum weight (to provide a good flight performance that is very easy) and powerful engine.

And so, meet, Control line aerobatic model PML-2001 "YASTREB" (HAWK)

Full (max) kit engine 3 790 RU rbl.

Basic version kit engine 2 840 RU rbl.

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Кордовая пилотажная модель PML-2001 ЯСТРЕБ
Control line aerobatic model class F2B PML-2001 "YASTREB" (HAWK)

Length of model (greatest).....................0,775 м
Wingspan..............................................1,020 м
Model height (without the gear)................0,150 м
Model height (with the gear)...................0,265 м
Distance from an axis of the screw to the earth.......0,150 м
Lay corner............................................13,5 deg
Weight (without the engine and fuel) ..........~0,7 kg
Engine (doesn't enter)......from 4 cm3

The kit is fully complete with all parts and elements of the fuel system. So the same set of cords included (ready with locks) and blank control knobs.

We tried to make Assembly of the model is rather simple.

In the preparation of parts used laser cutting of the material, which greatly facilitates and accelerates the construction of the model.

General view of the kit (image box synthesized)

Кордовая пилотажная модель PML-2001 Ястреб Кордовая пилотажная модель PML-2001 Ястреб

Design of model

Вид сбоку спереди
Вид Спереди снизу

1 - engine mount (6 mm plywood), 2 - bow ring (3 mm plywood), 3 - top plate (plywood 3 mm), 4 - lower spar rake (rake 5x5 mm), 5 - the front edge of the wing (pine rack 5x5 mm), 6 - wing tip (foam, 15 mm optional), 7 - upper rail of the bulkhead (rack 5x5 mm), 8 rocking control, 9 - the amplifier of the wing Assembly (plywood 3mm), 10 - stabilizer (4 mm plywood)That 11 - the keel (plywood 4 mm), 12 - Elevator (plywood 4 mm), 13 - tail wheel, 14 - the bottom of the fuselage rake (rake 5?5??), 15 - fuel tank, 60 ml, 16 main wheel 56?20??, 17 - fuel tube, 18 cords, 19 hood (3 mm plywood), 20 - compression engine 2,5??3, 21 - cockpit glazing (plexiglass 1 mm) and 22 average rail of the fuselage (rack 5x5 mm), 23 - pull rudder (wire 1.5 - 2 mm), 24 - thrust from the control arms of to Kardam, 25 - loop stabilizer/rudder (4 PCs) 26 - pylon rudder, the 27 - wire tail wheel strut, 28 - chassis rack (aluminum rack 2 mm), 29 - the bottom plate of the fuselage cut out for the engine cooling system (plywood 3 mm), 30 - rear wing rake (rake 5x15 mm), 31 - rib (3 mm plywood), 32 - an intermediate rib (3 mm plywood), 33 - upper rail of the fuselage (rack 5x5 mm), 34 - self-locking wheel nut.

Assembly manual (in Russian) can be downloaded here

Some survey photos

Pictured model with a ОS Max LA 25 engine and propeller 9x6

Вид слева спереди
Вид сбоку

Вид справа спереди
Вид снизу спереди

Video of flying models